by Peter Loaf

Head in the bushes, ass in the pen
The stocks Heís locking, never know when
A strange sensation
His invitation
Hot wet and horny, let it begin

The touch of fingers, wiggle and pinch
Stocked locked and willing, canít move an inch
My bum presented
Our fun invented
Fiberglass blanket, son of a bitch

A buzzer buzzing, my pussy drips
Doggie house holding, my swelling lips
The cane comes hurting
Hot urine squirting
Off on another, my subbie trips

My Master knowing, control complete
Vibrating fingers, my eager meat
Bottom bright burning
To whom concerning
Broody bitch serviced, deep in my heat

Power transferring, me and my Man
Pussy left lonesome, whipping my can
My systems crashing
Out of the fire, into the pan

Break in the action, licking his dick
Gag gargle thrusting, struggle and kick
Iím gasping for air
Iím climbing the stair
Pussy lips throbbing, needing his prick

Red welted bummer, his spanking hand
His cock comes sliding, strike up the band
Gripping his penis
The link between us
Waking the neighbor, angry demand