by Peter Loaf

Bound in the basement, half naked hot
Gagged tight and humming, afternoon shot
Enema holding, she’s hot to trot
Burglar busy, escape she’ll not

The house ransacking, filling his van
Her things he’s stealing, quick as he can
Valuables carting, dastardly plan
Her tummy cramping, needing the can

The cooze rope holding, cork in her bum
And dildo buzzing, her pussy’s chum
Tied to the plumbing, her fingers numb
Hip humping helpless, about to cum

The front door slamming, alone at last
Damp basement quiet, her vistas vast
Humping the cooze rope, the die is cast
Orgasms coming, ghosts of her past

Boyfriend in college, his little game
Hogtied and helpless, always the same
Passion in bondage, her tiger tame
Passion comes crashing, she’s not to blame

Screaming so muffled, hopelessly bound
The wraps are holding, heart thudding pound
Her clitty throbbing, passion new found
The dildos buzzing, stretching around

To tummy rolling, lifting her butt
The cooze rope tightens, her pussy cut
Humping hip squealing, deep in her rut
The front door opens, and then it’s shut

Footsteps on floorboards, walking about
Her hubby calling, needing to shout
The gag is blocking, can’t get it out
Passion storm perfect, the perfect rout

Hubby stands over, watching the show
Pervert discovered, basement below
Pussy juice reeking, copious flow
Her secrets revealed, he’s in the know