Devilís Dancer
by Peter Loaf

Witch hunters driving, captive accused
Her body naked, used and abused
A Devilís dancer
The mounted lancer
Bent and tormented, her body bruised

The devilís markings, the final straw
Symbols and pictures, canonical law
The trial complete
The Devil defeat
The gauntlet running, into the maw

The crowd surrounding, the soldiers shout
One moving slowest, receives a clout
The sentence burning
Her soul theyíre earning
Bent and presenting, pussy lips pout

The Devilís dancer, coven communes
The brimstone revels, satanic runes
Naked flesh marking
Naked skylarking
The Beast of Heaven, kicking out tunes

The all star all-stars, from across time
Gather in Hades, each in his prime
Jimmy and Janice
List the pianist
Krupa the drummer, the spheres to chime

The dogma driven, with whip and spear
Epistles given, shiver in fear
The witches hunting
The soldiers grunting
The stake awaiting, sheís drawing near

A sudden shower, the gray goose flock
The soldiers falling, in total shock
The people rushing
Resistance crushing
The witch is rescued, from burning rock

The Devil chuckles, they never learn
Far more believers, willing to turn
Church of the Devil
His midnight revel
Favorite dancer, her rescue earn

Devilís Dancer