by Peter Loaf

Derby day dawning, rattle my chain
Ponygirl naked, I must remain
I'm here in my stall
And baring my all
Derby day dawning, my day of pain

Groom whistles tuneless, doing his chore
Slave honey oozing, from every pore
Stinking come hither
In such a dither
Ponygirl horny, in season whore

Arm binder holding, I cannot touch
Pussy lips swelling, needing so much
Been left on my own
My nipples in cone
Frustrated ready, Christ on a crutch

Groom working closer, feeding the stock
Paging my passion, needing his cock
Helpless slave dripping
Ready for gripping
My stall door rattles, ticking of lock

Door swinging open, look in his eye
Hands full of hardware, I sigh the sigh
Derby day pony
Ain't nothin' phony
Holden beholden, Catcher the Rye

Dressed in high fashion, hobbleskirt tight
Silk blouse transparent, titties in sight
Ponygirl ready
My pulse unsteady
Ponygirl derby, from now 'til night

Ring gag un-needed, but in it goes
Passion drip dripping, wrinkle his nose
Finger flick ample
Juicy the sample
Wetting his mustache, his growing hose

Armbound and helpless, mouth open wide
Ponygirl booted, the laces tied
Wiggle tongue pinkie
My masters kinky
Ponygirl fetching, ready to ride

Led into sunlight, the talking stills
Ponygirl helpless, battle of wills
Presented before
The horniest corps
Ponygirl Masters, filling my bills

Saddle mask waiting, strapped to my face
Ring gag redundant, the leather I taste
Saddle up pony
Thrill ride from Coney
Harnessed and hanging, truly slave-spaced

A Mistress mounting, tell by the smell
Ticklelick, tonguing, start by a bell
Derby day riding
Tongue rides providing
Spurring to finish, weaving her spell

Bottom positioned, under her lash
Hardbound and hanging, spirited dash
Horny horse hobby
Clit lickle jobby
Hobbyhorse derby, having a bash

Hobble skirt loosened, baring my butt
Vibrator sliding, pleasure my rut
Giving my token
Pain pleasure broken
Hobbyhorse cumming, cut after cut