Dental Blocks
by Peter Loaf

My jaws are cramping, he doesnít care
Watching me struggle, circle and stare
My ass presented
New trick invented
High horny open, bound to a chair

Dental blocks propping, tonsils display
His fingers tickle, wetness betray
Heís gripping my nips
Heís lifting my hips
Tipping chair balanced, starting to spray

His Johnson sliding, my hymen rips
His hips are thrusting, my pussy grips
Balanced in terror
His slightest error
Face first if falling, his member drips

Balanced in peril, my virgin time
His member thrusting, coated in slime
My clitty gets pinched
I canít move an inch
Mouth open screaming, dropping my dime

His pecker potent, puka pump eggs
Dental blocks stretching, baby bird begs
The thought seducing
My tonsils using
My body lowered, back on four legs.

My ears heís gripping, his hardened dong
My slave state total, to Him belong
Gagging reflexes
Bigger than Texas
Gluck gulping swallows my subbie song

Deck flopping tuna, getting no air
Dental blocks holding, tied to the chair
My butt feels His lash
Down under my gash
Subbie lust feeding, his expert care

Gasper girl coming, nipple threads tied
My bottom lifted, other hole tried
His big greasy pole
Stretching my asshole
Three cherries jackpot, long gentle ride

Orgasms frequent, his dick donít quit
Impotent pumper, making it fit
His skill is knowing
My circuits blowing
Pain/passion/pleasure, back where I shit

Numbing cream spreading, his tender care
Then Iím deserted, tied to the chair
The cellar goes dark
His subbie in park
His bedsprings squeaking, itís so unfair

My first time ever, chicken cherry
My dreams disturbing, big and hairy
Internet searching
Peter Loaf urging
Masters for hire, cash and carry

Bright lights come blinding, sounds of a crowd
Camera crew talking, of things allowed
No pussy pounding
My ass surrounding
Virgin well broken, my Master proud

Dental Blocks