A Date With Destiny
by Peter Loaf

Bicycle ridden, old part of town
Buildings deserted, no one around
Alley to courtyard
Heart beating hard
The lamp post waiting, my goal is found

Strip myself naked, clothes in a bag
I startle easy, adrenalin jag
Footsteps imagine
Dressed only in skin
Obedient subbie, needing a gag

A pair of shackles, a length of chain
On my wrists locking, I will remain
My freedom forfeit
My hot itching slit
Body presented, sexy and tame

Hunker down waiting, always his game
An hour passing, subbie to tame
Every car passing
Storm clouds are massing
Fearing exposure, the public shame

The court yard hidden, I canít be seen
My pussy swelling, this court yard mean
Open to alley
A secret valley
I need a rescue, my subbie keen

My clitty aching, hard little nub
Itching and bitching, needing a rub
Masterly Master
Teasing disaster
Waiting impotent, one horny sub

The shadows lengthen, no comfort found
Shout in the distance, someoneís around
A street gang tagging
Of gang rape bragging
Helplessly hiding, head spinning round

Voices receding, the danger past
Pussy lips crimson, passion amassed
A sexy chuckle
My knees to buckle
My lord and Master, is here at last

His hand comes questing, carefully touched
Shackled and naked, my fingers clutched
Finding me dripping
Fingertip slipping
An artist in pleasure, painting retouched

A strap wrapping tight, ankle to thigh
Other foot lifted, and tied up high
Pussy lips gaping
Vibrator raping
Squatting one legged, canít even try

My passion flashing, coming to boil
The dildo buzzing, coated in oil
Stub for my clitty
Sins of the city
Hanging and helpless, trouble and toil

After itís over, let down to rest
My mood delicious, my Master best
My hands bound behind
My Master so kind
A cloak for travel, to be his guest

Through rubble leading, gripping my arm
Pheromones founting, four star alarm
Fresh fucked and stinky
My Master kinky
In trunk heís locking, out to the farm

Subbie submissive, destinyís child
Finding my calling, born to be wild
For Master I lust
A matter of trust
My buttons pushing, my passion piled

A Date With Destiny