by Peter Loaf

Grad student studies, knocking on doors
Her treatise writing, sexual mores
Taking a survey
Sweet young and curvy
Her questions asking, keeping her scores

Some doors are slamming, right in her face
Others are opened, dangerous place
The elusive “Truth”
However uncouth
Database building, the paper chase

Sexual practice, slippery slide
Some folks vanilla, their feelings hide
Others forthcoming
Like it was plumbing
Perversions aplenty, nothing denied

Long day of walking, footsore and hot
Cull de sac working, thicken the plot
The last door knocking
High hedges blocking
The couple kinky, and shy they’re not

Tall dark and handsome, powerful build
His playmate helpless, fantasies filled
Blindfolded and gagged
To the door she’s dragged
The captive cutie, her Master willed

Answering questions, nodding her head
Passion’s sweet scenting, her nipples red
Grad student blushing
Pussy juice gushing
Nipple perk poking, questions unsaid

Last question asking, “Room for one more?”
The Master chuckles, opens the door
The student learning
Her bridges burning
“Master me Master!”  Final implore