Dark Before The Dawn
by Peter Loaf

The vampire’s castle, the moonlit night
Spread eagle virgin, tying me tight
There’s no cloud cover
My angels hover
He’s masturbating, the vampire’s bite

His eyes are shining, he licks his chops
My heart is pounding, and then it stops
My pussy suckle
His throaty chuckle
Body spread eagled, pussy juice slops

His tongue all knowing, my clit so hard
The time for playing, my subbie card
Excitement I wanted
My wet dreams haunted
Fantasies filling, greasing with lard

His bat wings flutter, he hovers close
His penis dripping, under my nose
My night gown lifted
With phallus gifted
My cherry splitting, my bloody rose

Gag garbled screaming, biting my throat
A vampire becoming, in the same boat
My pussy stretching
My passion catching
Reaching for cervix, horny old goat

The hours passing, the passion dance
The tender virgin, spread eagle stance
My bat winged lover
His fucking hover
Gripping and stripping, his meaty lance

The moon is setting, the coming dawn
His victims many, his lonesome song
He saves our ashes
With cum he splashes
Recalled to living, to him belong

The eastern window, the rising sun
A vampire newborn, under the gun
The sunlight burning
To ashes turning
Igor comes sweeping, the game is won

Dark Before The Dawn