Dancing Queen
by Peter Loaf

Queen’s escort dying, arrows flying
The coachmen falling, horses dying
The young queen taken
Handmaids forsaken
Tied over saddle, Baron buying

Her uncle’s castle, the dungeon dark
Spreader bar shackles, conditions stark
Virgin Queen dancing
Butt hook romancing
The iron collar, the cane’s red mark

Turnbuckle tightened, arching her back
Backhanded roughly, brutal attack
Naked and hurting
Power asserting
Her father’s brother, given no slack

Tormentor toying, nipples and clit
Pussy lips fingered, shuddering fit
Hook in her colon
Turnbuckle pullin’
Her forces gather, never submit

Dancing in hobbles, body afire
Titty slap torment, kingdom acquire
Baron ambitious
Best do his wishes
Bottom hook pulling, tight as a lyre

The Baron visits, his hands explore
Her charms exquisite, her dripping core
Shackles presenting
Nothing preventing
Hobble chain loosened, pushed to the floor

His organ dripping, her legs well spread
Helpless in irons, shaking her head
His phallus thrusting
Maidenhead busting
Pussy juice crimson, pussy well fed

Outside the castle, party of men
A secret passage, smuggled within
The watchmen dying
The Baron trying
Royal seed planting, new line begin

The hinges squeaking, Baron ignores
Humping and pumping, down on all fours
Her hero striking
The baron spiking
Death struggle spasm, the Baron scores

Dancing Queen