by Peter Loaf

Real estate agent, out on a call
Meeting a client, some guy named Paul
River road winding
The address finding
An old plantation, empty since fall

The mansion standing, great river view
Its paint is peeling, its taxes due
The family extinct
Drops in my drink
Real estate woman, a slave girl new

Waking up naked, darkness complete
Hanging in bondage, cannot retreat
My hands holding high
Reaching for sky
My body displayed, my prideís defeat

Underground muffled, there is no sound
The stony surface, dancing around
The air in stillness
Fantasies fullness
In panic sweating, freedom impound

A stony grinding, a crack of light
A beam to dazzle, its way too bright
A deep voiced chuckle
My titty suckle
My ankles kicked wide, wrist wrappings tight

Slowly adjusting, roping my toes
Hanging suspended, my open rose
My pussy swelling
My nipples belling
A flogger flogging, my open pose

Jingle bells ringing, fighting the pain
A masked tormentor, a spreading stain
A family crypt
A slave girl stripped
High wide and hurting, hard to explain

The bones are scattered, grave robberís trash
My fear becoming, my feelings clash
A pussy swollen
Spreading my pollen
High wide and horny, my dripping gash

A momentís resting, steps up behind
My hips heís lifting, my anus find
His member wedging
My bets Iím hedging
Real estate agent, slave in a bind

A second chuckle, a shadow moves
A hooded giant, my empty cooze
Hi diddle diddle
Girl in the middle
Double fucked subbie, singing the blues

Molly starts playing, backing me up
Halloween fifty, Moll Flanders cut
The band starts playing
Passion displaying
Double the pleasure, double fucked mutt

Singing Letís Do It, nipples in cone
My passion flowing, riding the bone
Jingle bells jingle
Our juices mingle
Slow dancing trio, the end postpone