by Peter Loaf

The road is lonely, no lights in sight
In farm lane parking, the moon is bright
Beach blanket spreading
Week before wedding
Moonlight and champers, tonight’s the night

My lover careful, helping me strip
Kissing my nipples, his dripping tip
His face I follow
My whole life hollow
Needing what’s missing, hymen to rip

I kneel before him, sucking his dick
Virgin cock sucker, the high school trick
When proudly standing
Hot eyes demanding
Pushing me over, my pussy licked

My passion surging, needing inside
My hymen hated, going for ride
Red spread and ready
Heart beats unsteady
The cop stands over, gun at his side

My lover freezes, cock at my gates
The pistol cocking, the deadly fates
Ordered spread eagle
Badge makes him legal
Hot naked horny, my fate awaits

My lover hugging a big old tree
The cuffs are locking, needing to flee
Stands over looking
Accused of hooking
“Come with me missy, trespassing fee”

Taken to farmhouse, deserted old
Naked I shiver, not from the cold
Hands strapped behind me
No one will find me
Fantasies filling, to slaver sold

Pheromones gushing, my story told
Closet submissive, my secret hold
A hobble spreader
A leather tedder
My captor prepared, my pirate bold

Hoisted behind me, forced to present
A finger tickles, sniffing my scent
Hobble step dancing
Hot pony prancing
Steps over hobble, intentions bent

My pussy dripping, blushing so red
His boxers lowered, looking well fed
His organ swollen
My bells are tollin’
Hymen head shedding, week before wed

Rough hands are lifting, can’t touch the floor
His cock positioned, blockaded door
Slowly inserting
My juices squirting
At hymen stopping, moment to store

Suddenly hard thrusting, ripping me wide
Pussy clench stretching, hanging I ride
Hot passion screaming
Like I’m wet dreaming
Flashing lights blinding, more cops outside

Through wreckage wading, each in a mask
Four coppers cribbing, my final task
Virgin blood dripping
Three coppers stripping
Circle jerk basking, sharing a flask

At dawn I stagger, cum covered mess
Where is my lover? panic confess
The key I’m holding
My palm enfolding
His wrists are bleeding, can only guess

The broken windows, screaming passion
Tree hugging lover, his teeth gnashin’
I help him lie down
I help him to town
Always remember, semen splashin’

Next week the wedding, moving away
The cops too corrupt, for us to stay
When I see flashing
My senses crashing
Panic in puddles, fantasies play