by Peter Loaf

The crate delivered, by special truck
A muffled humming, showing her pluck
The prize possessing, his piece of luck
Slave girl in harness, ready to fuck

Taken to basement, his “special” place
The lock unlocking, masking his face
The light is blinding, open the case
Big busted beauty, end of the chase

Harnessed in leather, struggle in vain
Gagged with a Bishop, she can’t complain
Twin dildos buzzing, a spreading stain
Packaged perfection, she will remain

Her ankles shackled, a bar between
Waddle duck follow, playing his scene
Her body blushing, the virgin queen
Slave girl delivered, she’s just eighteen

Fantasy filling, his lifelong itch
Slave girl possessing, his captive bitch
Harnessed in leather, without a stitch
The games beginning, select a switch

Tethered from ceiling, hook on a chain
The Bishop lifting, the slave detain
His hands exploring, prelude to pain
Vibrators buzzing, her fevered brain

Nipples and dimples, sweating her scent
Pussy juice dripping, trousers to tent
Fingers find clitty, intentions bent
Harnessed and helpless, subbie space sent

The switch impacting, marking her thighs
The birches limber, the welts to rise
The dildos buzzing, the biggest size
The slave girl screaming, his treasured prize

Dildos removing, hot meaty sword
Stand and deliver, reaching accord
Subbie spaced captive, her apple cored
Hot semen pumping, his spermy hoard