Costume Party
by Peter Loaf

My Masterís fetish, His doggy suit
Spotty white canvas, tight as a boot
Ring gag and muzzle
Limbs folded puzzle
Knee walking elbows, His collared loot

Across the ballroom, stumping along
My bottom sporting, big rubber dong
Drooling and dripping
My leash heís gripping
The menís room entered, I donít belong

To plumbing tethered, enema bag
My cork removing, my waving flag
My asshole spearing
The gurgle hearing
My tummy filling, the scallywag

The plug returning, the pain intense
Puppy dog panting, thereís no defense
To ballroom leading
Gag garbled pleading
The costume party, revels commence

Pussy lips dripping, for all to see
Collared I follow, I cannot flee
The pain in my gut
The plug in my butt
Tickle touch teasing, desperate to pee

Lifted to table, vibrating cock
Touching my clitty, jerking in shock
Dripping and drooling
Two puddles pooling
Puppy dog training, His bitch in hock

Rocking and reaming, filling my cunt
Vibrating phallus, deep in the hunt
Love muscle gripping
Pussy lips dripping
Screaming orgasm, His party stunt

Costume Party