by Peter Loaf

Jenny the dingbat, out at the ranch
Her uncle Joey, giving the glance
Young and so perky
His thoughts so murky
Pony girl lessons, given the chance

The dingbat chatters, so unaware
Her uncle watching, his spotlight glare
Pony conversion
Joey’s perversion
Tack in the stables, wants a new mare

“Come see my ponies, hobby of mine”
Taking her elbow, off down the line
In the last corral
Awaits cousin Sal
Noosing her windpipe, came from behind

Fighting she struggles, two against one
Soon she is helpless, under the gun
Her pants he’s yanking
Her bottom spanking
Her arms behind her, bound as just one

Pony girl training, breaking her will
Pain/pleasure using, the bitter pill
With carrot and stick
The training is quick
Ring gag head harness, holding her still

Gag garbled gasping, buggy whip pop
The training circle, high stepping trot
Her uncle grinning
His methods winning
Half naked pony, the slashing crop

Dinner bell ringing, tethered to fence
Starving and thirsty, spare no expense
Her arms bound behind
The nail head a find
Soon she is running, hying her hence

Half naked panic, wishing for pants
Jenny the dingbat, hasn’t a chance
Climbing up over
Chased by big Rover
Her panties ripping, her crouching stance

Her uncle coming, armed with a noose
His daughter Sally, her fingers goose
Pussy slit dripping
Her jumper ripping
Their pony stripping, never get loose

Arms in a harness, ring gag returns
Hobbles on ankles, for freedom yearns
Afternoon session
High stepping lesson
Given some water, the pony earns

Tied in the stable, lying in straw
Her water bottle, vegetables raw
Hogtied immobile
Her fate ignoble
Her cousin visits, the darkened stall

It’s just before dawning, suckle and lick
Lesbian cousins, doing their trick
Uncle Joe waiting
His turn at mating
His member greasing, getting it slick

As Sally is rising, pussy lips prizing
She’s realizing, he’s super sizing
His horsecock hidden
His pony ridden
Pussy lips gripping, fate surprising

Pussy lips swollen, helped to her feet
Hitching rail waiting, helpless complete
Tied over the rail
She’s fitted with tail
Pony race Sunday, she will compete

Cars from all over, ponies abound
Steeplechase races, the fox and hound
Pony game playing
New skills displaying
New world discovered, pleasures unbound