by Peter Loaf

The royal visit, Crown Prince Germain
Comfort and safety, diplomacy game
Waiting in chamber
Couldn’t be tamer
Host’s favorite bottom, subbie elaine

Bound for convenience, ready to fuck
Hogtied and hung up, ball-gag to suck
Naked and flagrant
Her juices fragrant
Ready for service, Crown Prince in luck

A moment taken, caressing her tits
Nuzzle her shoulder, all the best bits
Tickle clit wiggle
Gag muffled giggle
Off to the shower, shuddering fits

Hanging in waiting, hogtied and hot
A toothpick spreading, her itchy spot
Prince in the shower
Stroking His Power
Serving girl serving, part of a plot

The Prince in towel, drying His hair
Comes to His captive, helpless and fair
Clamps for her nipples
Twin toothy gripples
A chain connecting, trapping her there

Dancing on kneecaps, under His hands
Finding her treasures, making demands
Her squeals of panic
His skills satanic
Passion seas rising, his dripping glands

Toothpick removing, johnson replace
Fixed in position, in subbie space
The Prince is groaning
His pleasure zoning
Sneak up behind Him, a pillow case

Hands on His person, binding His wrists
Elbows together, held in a twist
His ankles banding
To thighs remanding
Left on His lonesome, his penis kissed

The subbie panting, she’s hanging fire
Her pussy creaming, dripping desire
The Crown Prince flopping
A gag for stopping
A bag of Booty, out of the shire

Crown Prince’s ransom, boatload of gold
The freedom fighters, the stroke so bold
Money for arming
Ambassadors charming
His Highness returned, invisible hold

Forced to discover, lies of his past
Bisexual nature, the die is cast
He’s free to become
Much more than the sum
Freedom in bondage, his vistas vast