by Peter Loaf

The conquered nation, savage attack
The Mongol riders, cities to sack
Rob murder and rape
There was no escape
For Khan selected, hooded in black

Methods effective, complete control
Hoodwinked and hand bound, taken as toll
Dragged to the palace
Treatment so callous
Maiden delivered, for slave girlís role

Held down and shackled, a spreader bar
Keeping my silence, bug in the tar
Pussy gape open
Iím barely copiní
Palace performance, to be the star

Roping my elbows, out to some rings
A wand of hardwood, the bastard brings
Sliced into boobies
My turgid rubies
Tap to my clitty, that really stings

Legs up and over, ropes on my knees
Bent and presented, Iím bound to please
Sore clitty suckle
Masterly chuckle
Whispered endearments, a smell of cheese

Hands on my boobies, heat of his cock
Twisting my nipples, hard as a rock
Hymen blood spurting
Hot urine squirting
Slave girl controlling, shock after shock

His breathing ragged, my pussy rip
His phallus driving, its dripping tip
My body burning
For lover yearning
My passion rising, my subbie trip