Club Outback
by Peter Loaf

Taken to tack shop, harness fitted
Hugging my torso, rubber bitted
Hoof boots and a tail
Iím hobbled to snail
Arms in a binder, dimly witted

Sex loving Master, going for ride
Mountain vacation, mules and a guide
Hot eager and dumb
Hot digity come
Naked and harnessed, the stallionís bride

Fixed to a sulky, bend and present
Bare bottom target, from heaven sent
The doors swinging wide
Iíve no way to hide
Hobbles removing, trousers in tent

A sudden popping, A BUGGY WHIP!
Starting me straining, leg muscles rip
Star of pain bottom
Whore pits of Sodom
Grasser on mountain, sanity grip

Mountain track climbing, pulling my load
Master relaxing, the whip to goad
Barefoot on gravel
Too far to travel
The gauntlet running, steep winding road

Hitching rail tying, hand on my rump
Some curlies plucking, making me jump
Pussy lips throbbing
Dignity robbing
Wide-on presented, ready to hump

Standing in traces, His organ hard
Helpless in harness, greasing with lard
Broodmare stump broken
His drain snake pokiní
Filling my pussy, full quarter yard

By collar fastened, tight to the bar
My hips Heís lifting, playing for par
Tight package of sex
Iím under His hex
Hanging chain hooking, a step too far

Hung in the harness, drooling and wet
Well fucked and ready, His poker get
Little pill popping
Pussy fart topping
Flying formation, His saber jet

Limp lathered and done, hanging in tack
My sex presented, all night attack
My soul possessing
My sins confessing
Rode hard and happy, at Club Outback

Club Outback