The Closet
by Peter Loaf

In closet hanging, shoulders aflame
Rubber gag filling, part of Her game
A dildo vibrating
The lady in waiting
Her needs attending, closet of shame

Her biggest problem, someone to trust
Her secret passions, her hidden lust
Her vulva swollen
Probe in her colon
Pussy pie dripping, smelling of must

The party popping, outside the door
Her passions topping, feet off the floor
The buzzer buzzing
Her vision fuzzing
Pheromones sweating, from every pore

The time is passing, the voltage spikes
The probes electric, gag muffled yikes
Her sphincter clenching
Her shoulders wrenching
Her passion hanging, her secret likes

Door handle rattles, key in the lock
In closet hiding, beneath a rock
Subbie lust shaming
Her Mistress gaming
Her secret outing, it’s twelve o’clock

The lights are blinding, the party gay
The crowd delighted, ready to play
The subbie outed
Her secrets routed
Her Mistress laughing, subbie display

The voltage surging, screaming in need
Her mistress suckles, her kitty treed
Drunken friends joking
Her fires stoking
Subbie lust topping, her magic steed

The Closet