by Peter Loaf

Her bondage classic, Japanese tie
On one knee balanced, her hairless pie
My quiet chuckle
My organ suckle
Her tonsils gripping, her pleading eye

My true submissive, my subbie slave
Her ass presented, her pussy shave
Dog at a hydrant
Tightest confinement
Pheromones fountain, the drug I crave

Her pussy swelling, her nipples proud
Her breathing sexy, raspy and loud
My clothes removing
Readiness proving
Standing up rampant, hugely endowed

My fingers tickle, wiggle and fight
Nipple bells hanging, rest of the night
Her pussy pinking
Her juices stinking
Thumb in her bummer, gripping it tight

Pussy lips licking, getting my fix
Buzzing her clitty, her favorite tricks
A spanking session
She starts confessin’
“Punish me Master, the bippy sticks”

Target presented, her swollen sex
Bippy stick whistles, her muscles flex
Subbie space drifting
Pain/pleasure gifting
Her sex addiction, her magic hex

When she is ready, foreplay over
Tonguing her pussy, my horny Rover
Passion trip taking
Her pussy staking
Thunderfuck driving, angels hover

Deeply I’m reaming, gates of her womb
Fucking and tucking, chastity’s doom
Love muscle gripping
Her seams I’m ripping
Driving it deeper, subbie subsume

Master and slavie, ying and his yang
Gripping and stripping, nipple bells clang
My organ jerking
The magic working
Here comes orgasm, the biggest bang

Couple orgasmic, beast with one thought
Pleasures continue, pleasures she bought
Fire-hose flopping
subbie needs topping
With oyster threading, coming to naught

Hanging and helpless, horny and hot
Her pussy dripping, my semen shot
Spanking her kitty
Showing no pity
My organ swinging, orgasm brought

My subbie lusty, needing round two
My dick is stirring, soon good as new
Her pussy gaping
My missile shaping
Nipple bell chorus, fucking her blue