by Peter Loaf

The Flanders Castle, weekend revels
The stage is empty, waiting devils
My ass is patted
Pussy juice splated
Ring gag and shackles, my hair dishevels

The cheng is gripping, throat ankle wrist
The ring gag holding, by bippy kissed
“Gitty-up Dobbin”
“Your job is knobbin’”
My Master chuckles, my subbie mist

Forward I’m inching, under the lash
My chains are clinking, the clanker dash
The spotlight spearing
The raucous cheering
Center stage crawling, needing the cash

My Master follows, harnessed and hard
His dripping member, his quarter yard
His bippy whistles
Incoming missiles
Garbled protesting, the porno starred

Infernal Restraint, hawking his brand
Moll Flanders Castle, feeding demand
My goal I’m reaching
My look beseeching
My Master Masters, curtly command

“Sit up and suck it, swallow me down”
“Lick it and flick it, swirl me around
Chenged chained and shackled
My task is tackled
His dong I swallow, subbie lust found

Deeply he’s thrusting, blocking my air
Gagging and retching, gripping my hair
My pussy blushing
Pheromones flushing
Subbie lust drifting, haven’t a care

My Master’s doing, along for the ride
The good life earning, the fun aside
Gag gargle gasping
My ears he’s clasping
Subbie lust tripping, needing inside

Movement behind me, Molly grinning
A naked pixie, strap-on spinning
Doggy position
Subbie condition
Double fucked gasper, fun beginning

The spinning dildo, barber pole twist
Press of a button, a thrusting fist
My Mistress Molly
Keeping it jolly
G spot massaging, totally blissed

The crowd is standing, up on their feet
The clanker cranking, double dip treat
Finding Nirvana
Holey hosanna
Beads in the asshole, hat trick complete

Orgasmic hour, my lovers switch
My Master’s dingus, dances the twitch
The clanker clanking
The highest ranking
Restrained and ready, girl with an itch

Showtime is over, the clanker gone
Satisfied pussy, my focus long
MsM bedding
A three way wedding
Mistress and Master, I won’t go wrong