Circus Sex
by Peter Loaf

The circus coming, freak shows and geeks
The big-top rising, be here two weeks
The farmer’s daughter
The geeks they caught her
Taken to basement, her panic peaks

A ring gag and irons, spreader bar too
Her dress is shredded, a heady brew
Her hands in shackles
Geek sex she tackles
A party favor, she would eschew

All holes are open, the geeks gather
Helpless and naked, anything rather
The Tattooed Lady
And big fat Sadie
Giants and tinys, fucked to a lather

The strong man strutting, wearing a grin
His juicer straining, shark’s dorsal fin
Dancing and prancing
His cock romancing
Screaming in panic, screaming again

Masterful thrusting the bump and grind
Marching band playing, nirvana find
Hung on his member
First of September
Shackled feet kicking, stretching behind

Fists gripping boobies, screaming passion
Vibrating hanger, clitty mashin’
Darkness descending
There’s no defending
The farmer’s daughter, her fullest ration

Waking up slowly, body aching
Her bondage removed, breakfast making
New clown recruited
Circus life suited
The geeks delighted, her path taking
Circus Sex