The Chill
by Peter Loaf

The dawn comes slowly, the foggy chill
The light is rising, the air is still
The shackles holding
The plot unfolding
Pussy presented, her Masterís will

Goosebumps and shackles, naked alone
Held in position, nipples in cone
Pussy proud swollen
Hook in her colon
Shout in the distance, she would postpone

The night of anguish, out in the sticks
His friends expected, one of His tricks
Add to her troubles
Subbie lust bubbles
Pussy juice trickles, held in her fix

Party girl waiting, this April morn
The butt-hook gripping, her hole of corn
The ring gag propping
There is no stopping
Hey diddle widdle, of pretence shorn

The voices closer, laughing and gay
The subbie waiting, here she must stay
Bottom presented
Nothing prevented
Shivering naked, her Masterís way

His friends come hooded, each one is cloaked
Hard bodies oiled, her pussy stroked
Gag garbled pleading
Needing her seeding
A switch comes hurting, her fire stoked

Thrashing hot bottom, thereís no escape
Bent and presented, ready for rape
Hooded men dancing
Passion enhancing
Bottom bright burning, pussy agape

Pause in the action, hand on her rump
Welted and ready, broken to stump
Kneeling behind her
Pony prick find her
Sliding within her, starting to pump

Shackled and helpless, riding rough shod
Passionate subbie, gripping His rod
Screaming and reaming
Steaming and creaming
Subbie-lust feeding, passionate broad

Gripping her nipples, squeezing her tits
Penis deep thrusting, shuddering fits
Orgasm looming
Subbie-lust blooming
Spurting hot semen, first rapist quits

Second one bigger, gasping surprise
Spanking her bottom, hard burning eyes
Pussy clench gripping
Hot semen dripping
Subbie lust feeding, eyes on the prize

A third man coming, opens his cloak
The ring gag propping, gag and a choke
Double fucked fixture
Shudder buck mixture
Gasping and gripping, her tonsils poke

Nipple clips biting, swinging below
Clitty clip added, on with the show
Passion redoubled
By guilt untroubled
Subbie-lust furnace, subbie-lust know

By noon itís over, left on her own
Her bottom burning, nipples in cone
Her Master coming
His tuneless humming
His organ pointing, hard as a bone

Mounting behind her, sliding within
Her pussy stretching, good-natured grin
Stroking so gentle
So elemental
All is forgiven, scoring a win

The Chill