Cheney Doctrine
by Peter Loaf

My convoy ambushed, daylight attack
Suburb of Baghdad, tough keeping track
Prisoner taking
Prisoner breaking
Pussy split painful, things looking black

Sitting spread-eagle, arms in a sleeve
Rings in my nipples, I cannot leave
Naked exposing
Perfectly posing
Captor a pervert, better believe

The Cheney Doctrine, “Torture’s ok”
Safe in his bunker, the troops betray
Tit for tat treatment
Holey excrement
Sitting the pony, sexy display

Fingers come fiddle, tickle my clit
Motionless dancing, painful I sit
Nipple stretch bungee
Having his fungee
Wedge in my pussy, shudder and shit

Videotaping, the action hot
Nipple whip stinging, girl on the spot
Knotted hair tension
Pussy suspension
Pain/passion growing, bubbling pot

Spanking my bottom, turning it pink
The wedge below me, dripping my stink
Fuck me froth flowing
My passion I’m showing
Secret betraying, my inner kink

The taping over, let down at last
A final fucking, carnal repast
Hoodwinked deserted
Trooper perverted
Wandering naked, my tape broadcast

Cheney Doctrine