Cavity Search
by Peter Loaf

The student protest, the campus cop
The captured coed, a traffic stop
Taken for questions
In secret sessions
Deep in a cellar, a riding crop

Ripping my clothing, given no chance
Stripped to my stockings, losing my pants
Hands cuffed behind me
Collar to bind me
The crop controlling, my panic dance

Kneeling position, my rump displayed
Welted and blistered, my bottom flayed
Hands up in shackles
Night of the jackals
Collared and tethered, my charms arrayed

Nipple pinch squeezing, thumb in my bum
Pussy drip sniffing, smelling of chum
Tickle clit teasing
Iím bound to please him
Two fingers stretching, needing to come

The cop controlling, sliding inside
His pecker probing, his swollen pride
My hipbones creaking
His missile seeking
Thrusting and lusting, taken for ride

The questions coming, whom do I know
Cock in my pussy, my passions show
Rocking and reaming
Like my wet dreaming
Mastered young woman, Iím gonna blow

Spanking my bottom, my welted rump
Kick rattle shackles, I need to hump
Coed confessing
My welts caressing
Pussy lips gripping, broken to stump

Cavity Search