Cave Of The Order
Cave Of The Order
by Peter Loaf

The secret order, in shadows lurk
The cave of revels, beneath the kirk
The priests perverted
The nuns converted
Naked and driven, their shackles jerk

The candles flicker, muttering men
Their faces hidden, the Devilís den
Lusty and crusty
Their victims busty
The shadows dancing, revels begin

Handmaiden harlots, taken from jail
Debtors and doxies, pieces of tail
The Devilís doing
The storm is brewing
Semen soon spurting, unholy grail

The rites perverted, here in the dark
The secrets keeping, the darkest mark
Posing and prancing
Devilish dancing
Pleasures pursuing, horny monarch

Bottom cheeks welted, grabbed from behind
Drug induced stupor, girl in a bind
Strapped to a grating
The hot iron waiting
Her flesh is frying, out of her mind

The Hellfire revels, into the night
Ruling class perverts, God given right
The doxies serving
The saints preserving
The Devils dancing, the shackles tight

Transported convicts, chained in the hold
Plantations waiting, shivering cold
Sydney sheep station
Transported nation
Kingís bastard growing, to slavery sold