Catch Of The Day
by Peter Loaf

Professor pervert, office hour
Called into conference, Old North Tower
After hours walking
I hear some talking
Three hooded shadows, pepper power

Three shadows waiting, crossing campus
Pepper spray holding, virgin nervous
Three hoods removing
Looks not improving
Stocking mask mashers, so dangerous

Pepper spray raising, taser gun pops
High voltage hitting, pepper spray drops
Tape gag and stuffing
Nasal screams cutting
Pinching nose humming, my struggle stops

Waking up naked, head in a sack
Hand and foot bindings, behind my back
The tires humming
My pussy chumming
Virgin blood staining, my fury crack

Taken on shoulder, musty cellars
Roped up to rafters, unkind fellers
The sack removing
Things not improving
Three naked rapists, pussy smellers

Fingers find juices, I cannot help
My horny signals, my startled yelp
The thought of restraint
Pantie shields I paint
Subbie lust constant, tangled in kelp

Hymen unbroken, been giving head
The oath Iíve spoken, the promise said
Three men attacking
Ass paddle smacking
Tittie lick suckle, ass turning red

Hard dicks encircle, dancing on toes
A tooth brush buzzing, add to my woes
Tape gag removing
Ruthlessly proving
Topping my bottom, love honey flows

Bent and presented, everyoneís bride
The paddle spraying, needing inside
My virgin blood fresh
The needs of the flesh
Cock in my pussy, first knowing ride

My hips heís gripping, poking my bum
The organs touching, gushing with chum
My lips are kissing
The piece Iím missing
Thrusting deep filling, I gotta cum

His dick within me, my clitty buzzed
A ring gag fitting, my vision fuzzed
Cock sucking captive
Proving attractive
Gang raping party, orgasms caused

Found in the morning, middle of quad
Hogtied and naked, with cattle prod
Pressed to my clitty
Showing no pitty
Ends as it started, shocking out cold

Catch Of The Day