Castor & Pepper
by Peter Loaf

Hanging and hurting, here in my cell
Wrists held in iron, I must here dwel
l Naked Im dancing, pussy lips swell
The stopper stopping, enema Hell

Castor and pepper, filling my gut
My tummy cramping, plug in my butt
The whip comes snapping, the beaten mutt
Dancing and screaming, ready to rut

Hanging and hurting, his to command
I cannot escape, his every command
Subbie state floating, can barely stand
Cramps in my belly, his pleasure planned

Mind bending hours, eager to please
Arms in a binder, down on my knees
Belly bomb bursting, whole body sneeze
His cock exploding, a brutal squeeze

His dick is dripping, his seed expelled
The lash comes snapping, my breath is held
His whip still potent, forest un-felled
My titties welted, my nipples belled

To toilet taken, can hardly walk
Hip harness buckles, my helpless squawk
The probe removing, anus unblock
Hot oil ejected, his leering gawk

Dragged into shower, shackled in place
Joined by my owner, end of the chase
Soapy suds scrubbing, even my face
A gargle given, lingering taste

A probe returning, stretching my ass
The buckles buckled, Id rather pass
A painful mixture, ginger and gas
Warm soapy water, the final mass

Time twisted hours, fucking again
Screaming in passion, you can depend
His bed is pleasure, around the bend
Harnessed and helpless, cannot defend