by Peter Loaf

Run away wifey, husband a freak
Bondage his fetish, has a mean streak
Found his collection
Making connection
Run home to moma, tears staining cheek

Stoplight near Austin, no one is near
Magic appearance, gun in my ear
Carjack committing
Victim submitting
The second one binding, whimper in fear

The country open, the rolling plain
The farms well scattered, planted in grain
Masked driver grinning
Carjackers winning
The captiveís struggles, easy explain

A lonely valley, no house in sight
Straddle the rail, and tied so tight
Hanging and hurting
Hot urine spurting
My captors stripping, the falling night

The dance demented, the moonlit night
Slow torture toying, I cannot fight
The rail cutting rough
Itís up in my muff
Mask wearing rapists, might making right

Let down for fucking, back to the rail
My calves are burning, sitting on tail
Nipple suck tickle
Girl in a pickle
The rail so painful, soon getting stale

Dawns early gleaming, finally alone
A motor coming, aching tailbone
A tractor cresting
My hopes investing
Stocking mask wearing, heart turning stone

The tractor pulling, a cage of steel
My bondage cutting, the threat too real
In cage positioned
Iím well conditioned
Dragging behind him, my helpless squeal

Booty delivered, dragged through the dirt
His partner waiting, holding a quirt
The cage containing
Hot urine staining
His member straining, looking so pert

Dark musty shadows, the barn awaits
The cage suspended, the waiting fates
Track in the ceiling
The paint is pealing
Trundled to cellar, the hellish gates

Hands shackled tightly, my elbows too
A noose controlling, a heady brew
Tippy-toe dancing
Hard hands romancing
Rope on my ankle, I would eschew

Hoisted to rafters, sexy display
Choking in silence, my passion play
Double fucked hanging
Ass pussy banging
Gasper sex smashing, I cannot stray

The noose is loosened, gasping and blue
My holes theyíre stretching, my rapists two
By demons possessed
Pleasure/pain conquest
Passion storm raging, and something new

Captive submitting, taming the shrew
Double fucked captive, tight as a shoe
Nipple tips swollen
Cock in my colon
Orgasms crashing, never a clue

My first explosion, never before
Iíve always wondered, unopened door
Bucking and humping
One legged jumping
Twin phallus pumping, the distant shore

After itís over, taken back home
To hubby returning, no more to roam
His dreams fulfilling
Wifey so willing
Subbie discovered, end of my poem