Captive Princess
by Peter Loaf

The Bastardís castle, high on a hill
The hoodwinked damsel, against my will
My bodyguard dead
The vultures well fed
The drawbridge raising, sending His bill

A captive Princess, the tower room
My shackles rattle, my coming doom
Naked I shiver
Sweating a river
My captor sniffing, sexy perfume

My gagging penis, protests to block
Bottomless seating, around the clock
My tormentors come
The scent of my chum
Torment and teasing, girl under lock

Bending to tickle, my swollen clit
Princess head butting, I score a hit
Flopping on cobbles
My bondage knobbles
My bastard uncle, revenge will get

He moans and spasms, out of my reach
Fighting my irons, the gods beseech
Floor anchors sturdy
The well perched birdie
His pain filled rising, lessons to teach

Ransom demanding, kingdom splitting
Grandfatherís offspring, neither quitting
Bastard half brothers
Far different mothers
Both are ambitious, old king pitting

Girl in the middle, chained on a stool
My shackles rattle, drool in a pool
His fingers finding
My nipples binding
My screams gag garbled, His ransom tool

My fatherís army, stands at His gates
My screams of anguish, My desperate straits
His captive coerced
Orgasmís first
Tight irons holding, the filthy fates

His fingers finding, My virgin slit
My clitty rubbing, shuddering fit
My bottom thumbing
Deep in my plumbing
My father below, hears all of it

A sudden rumble, attack begins
A stone wall falling, no underpins
The courtyard fighting
The keep igniting
The castle conquered, my father wins

Top of the tower, the brothers fight
The captive Princess, my naked plight
The slash/parry/thrust
The Bastardís hard crust
Finally succeeding, Right making might!

Captive Princess