Cane Breaking
by Peter Loaf

The coed cutie, caught in the act
A pothead burning, out in the shack
Brutal Headmaster
Complete disaster
Stepfather summoned, my future black

Taken to office, losing my pants
Strapped to the pony, given no chance
Ass up presented
Highly resented
Blushing young virgin, a kind of trance

Stepfather knocking, I cannot hide
His seat he’s taking, my pussy wide
Headmaster telling
Pussy juice welling
Thirty-six stingers, the cane applied

Father agreeing, crossing his legs
Stepdaughter punished, I cries and begs
A whistled warning
A pain-filled morning
A stripe of fire, the bitter dregs

Stepfather chuckles, comes to my side
His fingers fiddle, stretching me wide
Hymen head showing
Stepfather’s knowing
The second one coming, bottom applied

The pain exploding, the second blow
Wiggle-kick screaming, giving a show
Whistle tip singing
Bottom bright stinging
My sins repenting, hurting below

Rattle kick wiggle, ass in the air
The cane for breaking, my stripe-ed pair
Thirty-six stingers
Put through the wringers
Pain/pleasure virgin, serving up rare

First dozen over, bottom aflame
Headmaster leaving, stepfather’s game
Half aware weeping
Pussy juice seeping
Half broken daughter, aiming to tame

Fingers intruding, ticklish touch
Clitty red swollen, my fingers clutch
Plug in my anus
Puka pump tame us
The second dozen, trifle too much

Strapped to the pony, hopeless despair
His fingers finding, my burning pair
My welts he’s tracing
His careful pacing
Clitty clip buzzing, under his care

Riding the pony, helpless displayed
High wide and open, never been laid
His trousers falling
His cock appalling
Dripping and crimson, the helpless maid

Puka pump hissing, pulled from my bum
Pepper grease smearing, fe-fi-fo-fum
Stepfather pressing
Stepdaughter guessing
Cock in my colon, smelling of chum

My hipbones creaking, my colon filled
My bottom burning, my screaming stilled
Invader gripping
Pussy juice dripping
Needing a breeding, his semen spilled

Third dozen different, taking his time
My passion raging, reason no rhyme
My mother’s lover
My angels hover
Ass up and needful, virgin sublime

The pony holding, stepfather’s ride
The cane has broken, stepdaughter’s pride
Pussy gate bursting
His jizzum thirsting
Welcome home daddy, can’t be denied

Cane Breaking