Campus Queen
by Peter Loaf

Proud and majestic, walking the halls
My perfect person, lacking the balls
Couldnít even speak
Sneaking a peek
The Goddess haughty, over the falls

The drink is offered, a coke and rum
My trap is snapping, her time has come
Her drinkís been doctored
Stuffed in a locker
My captive Goddess, getting me some

Waking in basement, darkness around
Ankle wrist shackles, nary a sound
Her clothing removed
My power is proved
I grip her titty, so soft and round

Masked in black velvet, the mystery man
Revulsion screaming, haughty demand
The shackles holding
My hand emboldened
Her hairless pussy, my questing hand

Thrashing and fighting, finger in slit
Flipped over forward, getting my kit
Pussy presented
Nothing prevented
Toothbrush electric, throwing a fit

Bucking her bottom, screaming commands
My Queenie captured, my knowing hands
Her blush is blooming
So Iím assuming
The time soon coming, she understands

Her passion rising, struggle and buck
Wrist ankle shackles, fresh out of luck
Dildo vibrating
Two holes no waiting
Shudder buck gasping, starting to truck

Queenie uncoming, so tightly wrapped
Cane whistle warning, her bottom zapped
Double fucked subbie
Pecker so chubby
Subbie space voyager, my Queenie trapped

Moving behind her, toothbrush in hand
Her nubbin touching, strike up the band
Pulling vibrator
Ready to mate her
Thrusting my muscle, pussyís last stand

Riding her roughshod, feeling her clench
Spiky thick condom, fucking my wench
Queenie converted
Her world inverted
Properly rogered, my monkey wrench

Pleading for mercy, haughtiness gone
The shackles holding, to me belong
Changing position
Changing condition
Shackles suspended, my tongue so long

The ring gag buckled, fucking her throat
My toothbrush buzzing, man in the boat
Hanging so helpless
Gag gargled distress
My chubby spurting, her tonsils coat

The morning misty, the campus quad
Shackled and naked, her well used bod
The Campus Phantom
A freshman bantam
My Queenie conquered, there is a God

Campus Queen