by Peter Loaf

Skinny-dip party, Phi Kappa Phi
Sorority bash, a moonless sky
A campfire retreat
In games compete
The sisters frolic, giant horse fly

The sniper quiet, watching from tree
The naked dancers, watching with glee
Pellet gun aiming
His pecker straining
A horsefly’s biting, back of her knee

Itching like crazy, her spinning head
On blanket resting, a rising dread
Watching the dancing
Sisters romancing
Asleep she’s falling, a Mickey fed

Consciousness coming, a parting fog
Ass up in bondage, a butcher hog
Her captor hooded
And hugely wooded
Her juices squrting, a sniffing dog

Her head is buzzing, her eyes still crossed
Licking her clitty, count not the cost
Her pussy prouding
Sensations crowding
Sex slave in forest, her dice are tossed

Bottom presented, needing a hit
Natural submissive, doing it’s bit
His lips he puckers
His clitty suckers
A high c buzzing, shuddering fit

A concert given, meat-whistle jig
Her pleasures buzzing, her pussy big
His cock meat teasing
She’s bound for pleasing
Her screams in echo, a squealing pig

Ankle thigh binding, hands as they were
His pecker throbbing, her pussy’s purr
Subbie space floating
With Crisco coating
Her anus greasing, libido stirred

Thumb on my clitty, roughly rubbing
Cock stretching colon, pussy chumming
The hog to slaughter
Her daddy’s daughter
Submissive delights, her blood drumming

She misses spankings, her daddy’s hand
Her rising horny, his downfall planned
The troublemaker
In hand to take her
Pheromone signaled, the spankings banned

High hot and horny, needing a top
Lesbian sisters, the one stop shop
Twenty year virgin
Orgasms vergin’
Big shiny strap-on, dressed like a cop

The rites of Lesbos, the spinning dance
The bonfire lighting, sisters romance
Someone is counting
Concern is mounting
“Who’s seen my subbie?” a worried glance

Meat whistle ditties, redden her flesh
Her pussy filling, their gears to mesh
Power and glory
Subbie so whorey
“Fuck me my Master, fuck me afresh”

The posse coming, she would postpone
Master deserting, holding the phone
The flies buzzing round
The rape victim found
Ass up and horny, and freshly boned

Subbie lust sisters, gather around
Patting my bottom, pretty and round
Tickle my clitty
Like the big city
Three floggers circle, passions abound