by Peter Loaf

Maid in the basement, wiggle and hum
Waiting for Master, numb in the bum
The Ming lies shattered, feeling so glum
Maiden big busted, stinking like chum

Pheromones gushing, panties are soaked
Subbie-lust feelings, secret uncloaked
Her costume sexy, her rights revoked
Her rising passion, her fire stoked

Basement door squeaking, top of the stair
The Master coming, his soundproof lair
The maiden struggles, just isnít fair
The light comes blinding, his tender care

Ankle ropes hoisting, upended maid
A cracker slapping, marking her paid
The virgin servant, swinging displayed
With scissors snipping, going get laid

Leaving her nylons, bonnet and rope
Tickle clit fingers, raising her hope
Nipple-pinch grinning, slippery slope
Subbie-lust passion, the oldest dope

Dropping his trousers, shedding his shirt
His Johnson swelling, itís big and pert
Bladder full urgent, wiggle and squirt
The Ming is busted, gonna get hurt

The knee ropes cutting, a prop between
Her pussy opened, her smelly sheen
His lips come kissing, suckle her bean
His tongue is plumbing, deep in being

The gag removing, with ring replace
His pecker dripping, shoved in her face
Pussy lips smelling, taking a taste
Gag struggle choking, end of the chase

Tickle clit fingers, fanny slapping
Goldenrod glistens, nipples snapping
Night in suspension, never napping
Maidenhead busted, the night capping