by Peter Loaf

Iíve always needed, my Masterís touch
My body helpless, Ďtwas ever such
His plaything pretty
My swollen clitty
Hogtied and horny, my dildo clutch

Ball-gagged Iím begging, bundle of lust
Vibrator buzzing, so deeply thrust
Nipple tips pointing
Cooze rope anointing
Masterís possession, bundle of trust

High hot and needy, going nowhere
His fingers twiddle, under His care
My passion binding
My center finding
Bippy stick swishing, His welts Iíll wear

Screaming I struggle, my rump roasting
The dildo within, vulva hosting
Nipple tips aching
His pleasures taking
Master my Master, pussy moisting

The cooze rope loosened, dildo withdrawn
My bottom burning, taken beyond
Hot Johnson probing
My passion strobing
Hungry cunt gulping, His magic wand

Roughly Heís riding, upended mare
Face in the carpet, ass in the air
Tight as a drummer
Thumb up my bummer
Cock in my pussy, gripping it there

Package of passion, slippery slide
Gripping and stripping, so deep inside
Mind blanking pleasures
Bundle of treasures
Subbie submissive, my Masterís pride