by Peter Loaf

The hooker booking, some frat house fun
Stag party favor, the fun begun
The brothers drinking
Some getting stinking
What I shouldía done, gone for a run

Taken to basement, arms bound behind
Tape gagged I panic, brothers unkind
My short skirt stripping
My bra strap ripping
Helpless sex slavey, girl in a bind

A party favor, from hand to hand
Half naked helpless, much in demand
Desperate pleading
Their lust Iím feeding
Panties rough ripping, pussyís last stand

Spreader bar shackles, waddle about
Bare pussy dripping, no chance to pout
Bent over table
Mare in a stable
Stallion fuck thrusting, gag muffled shout

The next one is gentle, sat on a chair
Dildo vibrating, the lionís lair
Tape gag removing
Ring gag improving
Arm bundle hoisting, trapping me there

Straddle leg shackles, spread open wide
The guy with the wand, vibrates inside
Hung up for fucking
Kicking no bucking
Pussy lips dripping, a whip applied

Titty whip stinging, nipples inflame
Gargle choke gasping, ten cocks to tame
The girl in the middle
Spraying my piddle
Pheromones spreading, the party game

A bench comes sliding, between my thighs
Taking position, spearing my prize
The guy behind me
Hot hard and slimy
Three way the fucking, cannot disguise

The frat house floozy, covered in cum
Back in my taxi, smelling like chum
A huge wad of cash
Iím high on their stash
Weekend tradition, back here Iíll come