The Bribe
by Peter Loaf

Straps of black leather, the gagging ball
Waking up naked, the mighty fall
Movie part promise
Outskirts of Dallas
Desert delivered, the casting call

A constant buzzing, within her sheath
A second buzzer, gritting her teeth
Arms in a binder
Eyes in a blinder
Flopping fish helpless, lying beneath

Arabic speaking, hand on her breast
Fingertip wiggled, her hairless nest
Girl in a pickle
Harem girl offered, the honored guest

Blindfold removing, flopping on sand
Stranded fish helpless, no leg to stand
Tit for tat offer
Gold in the coffer
Offer accepted, the shaken hand

Branding iron heated, the burning sun
Hand in his pocket, stroking his gun
His oil is flowing
His lust is showing
Screaming in panic, branding begun

His cushion’s comfort, coming around
Restrained in harness, still tightly bound
The bribe demanded
The girl remanded
His organ swollen, so big and round

Dildo replacing, stretching her wide
The Master fucking, His harnessed bride
Flopping fish screaming
His phallus reaming
Camel cock jockey, taking the bribe

The Bribe