by Peter Loaf

Sputter cough dying, back of nowhere
High pasture mountains, fifty mile stare
No bars are showing
No one is knowing
Smoke in the distance, gotta go there

A mountain cabin, no one inside
No phone or wires, entry denied
A window breaking
Some food Iím taking
Fifty bucks leaving, outdoor I stride

Net dropping over, tangled I fall
Laughing man standing, hairy and tall
Wrists bound together
Ankles to tether
Hand bound and hobbled, my natureís call

Subbie lust virgin, frequent wet dream
The thought alone, my pussy cream
Never confessing
My shields Iím messing
By ankles hoisting, to butcherís beam

Gutting knife sharpened, His burning eyes
Upside down helpless, the buzzing flies
Cutting off Levis
And finding surprise
In season woman, nothing denies

My panties pulling, hands stretching down
My tee shirt falling, passion new found
Pheromones flowing
Clitty pink glowing
High wide and ready, latest impound

Lifted down careful, set on my feet
Taken to cabin, a different meat
My wrist rope controls
The dangerous shoals
Subbie lust loving, my bitch in heat

Then with a chuckle, he turns me loose
Out with the cattle, one final goose
Barefoot in panties
Peek-a-boo scanties
Go out and wander, wherever choose

Runaway fleeing, across His land
His dogs are braying, itís all been planned
The deer proof fencing
My pride dispensing
Hand bound and hobbled, this hunt is canned

Fencing forever, too high to climb
The bloodhounds driving, Iím out of time
To woods Iím headed
My tummy leaded
Catch me He fucks me, the oldest crime

Primitive instincts, flee fight or die
The sun is beating, I have to try
The fencing closing
Uphill imposing
Funnel shaped pointy, wish I could fly

In game blind waiting, my Master sees
His net held ready, down on my knees
In trap recaptured
His face enraptured
Bent over cross brace, then bound to please

My panties lowered, my tee shirt bunched
My body naked, my bottom hunched
Kneeling behind me
His fingers find me
My swollen clitty, He knuckle punched

His titty pinchers, tied to my thumbs
Fixed up for fucking, the bloodhound comes
My pussy licking
Restrained and kicking
Pussy lips dripping, subbie heart drums

The dog removing, His order curt
My pussy lathered, starting to squirt
His pony engorged
Our link he has forged
Ring gag and blindfold, clitty alert

Touch smell and feeling, rape racked ready
Footsteps behind me, pheromones heady
His choices triple
Held by my nipple
Pussy lips rubbing, beating steady

Pony cock pushing, nipple stretched cones
Nipple clips tugging, two swinging stones
To cervix probing
My senses strobing
Pleasure/pain helpless, felt in my bones

Breaking down terrors, finding my life
Master me Master, Your meaty knife
The orgasm cums
My pussy juice chums
New vistas open, the rancherís wife