Box Fifty-Six
by Peter Loaf

Domestic wanted, box fifty-six
The money needed, girl from the sticks
A lonely manor
A Mr. Tanner
Handsome big devil, her lip she licks

The hour appointed, the taxi paid
Call button pressing, the newest maid
The camera watching
The gate unlatching
The grounds to enter, mistake she made

The grounds secluded, a twelve foot wall
The gate electric, maiden’s downfall
The portal closing
The big dog nosing
Her elbows binding, taken to stall

Hardbound and helpless, stripped of her skirt
Resistance futile, her elbows hurt
Her panties ripping
Her pussy dripping
Maidservant serving, her clitty pert

A frame for training, a graceful bend
Her neck restraining, cannot defend
Her bent knees binding
Her pussy finding
Bound in position, to Master send

Taken to manor, half naked slave
Pussy red swollen, her virgin cave
The frame restraining
Sex slave retaining
Master’s bedchamber, the dirty nave

Three hours of waiting, helpless and hot
There’s no escaping, serving girl’s lot
A sexy picture
Cock sucking fixture
New Master coming, his Master plot

She tries to reason, he hears her out
Held in position, ready to mount
Her pussy swollen
Her spreading pollen
Her scent expressive, pheromones fount

A ring gag strapping, her throat exposed
Her tonsils showing, gonna get hosed
His head cheese smelling
Her gorge is welling
The frame for training, his belly nosed

Gag gargle gasping, gripping her ears
His member thrusting, her flooding tears
Bound in perfection
Passion’s infection
His organ jerking, orgasm nears

A break he’s taking, lying beneath
Her virgin juices, his face bequeath
Licky clit nibble
She needs to widdle
His cock meat crimson, his sword to sheathe

Hardbound and helpless, her cherry pops
The frame restraining, her Master tops
Her senses tingle
Their juices mingle
Serving girl serviced, pull out the stops

Lying recumbent, squeezing her tits
His cock she’s riding, thumbing her clit
The frame restraining
Cherry juice staining
Hardbound and helpless, shuddering fits

Chambermaid training, her Master’s needs
Her pussy open, her pussy bleeds
Wordless she’s screaming
His hardness reaming
Duties performing, serving girl breeds
Box Fifty-Six