Bottomís Up
by Peter Loaf

Iím blind date nervous, sipping my tea
If I had any sense, surely Iíd flee
Office friend Millie
Her old friend Willy
Dressed all in leather, weak in the knee

A quiet dinner, getting to know
A bondage Master, not just for show
Lifelong desire
My inner fire
Submission complete, hands of a pro

A taxi taking, Manhattan night
His hand on my elbow, a little tight
Panties removing
A look reproving
Fresh shaved and swollen, there in plain sight

Underground parking, paying the fare
Private lift leading, under His care
The penthouse above
Push comes to shove
His torture tower, His pain-filled lair

ďClothes in the closet, put on these shoes!Ē
His orders brusque, a Masterís cues
The closet locking
On spike heels rocking
Naked young woman, bubbling stew

A stool stands waiting, sturdy oak wood
A coil of nylon, itís understood
Bent over binding
Subbie space finding
Bottomís up subbie, got me but good

Thumb in my bummer, tickle and tease
Head down demented, Iím bound to please
Tongue in my pussy
Harvest my juicy
Leather pants bulging, weak in the knees

Butt first a flogging, cat-o-nine-tails
Perfect position, the flogger impales
My hymen ripping
Iím nearly tipping
Bleeding and helpless, my bottom flailed

Head spinning panic, I cannot change
Bottom bright burning, my open range
Subbie space floating
Inner thighs coating
Bottomís up bondage, my Masterís stage

A one way mirror, how many drunks
Dancing and prancing, how many hunks
The flogging just stops
Licking my chops
Tickle-stick buzzing, chuckling skunks

My clitty hardens, a pain filled nob
Tickle-stick touching, doing its job
Bent and presented
And sexy scented
Virginís blood dripping, ridden roughshod

A chair Heís pulling, close up behind
His tongue collecting, out of my mind
Welted bum burning
Libido hot churning
Clean as a whistle, girl in a bind

Leather pants stripping, hung like a horse
Stiff and extended, knowing remorse
His pre-cum glisten
Filling my vision
Stretching me open, taken by force

His cock Iím gripping, coated in lard
Virgin tight pussy, His quarter yard
Someone is screaming
Getting a reaming
Bottomís up subbie, painful and hard

Then magic happens, a rising tide
The pain is morphing, changing inside
My muscles gripping
His semen stripping
Orgasms crashing, the whip applied

Bottomís Up