Bone Ranger III - Game Cam
by Peter Loaf

Walking here solo, done something rash
Hiking through mountains, Yellowstone pass
Camouflage hiding
Game cam abiding
My trek discovered, my naked ass

In knothole hidden, I don’t suspect
Internet posting, the trails to check
For victim waiting
He’s Masturbating
Live feed gone viral, ranger high tech

Half a click further, a tree grows arms
Sleeper hold struggle, sound the alarms
Waking up naked
A hostage taken
Spread eagle hanging, displaying charms

High meadow empty, no one around
My senses clearing, pine woody sounds
My bondage defeats
The tree bark it speaks
Camo mask wearing, effect astounds

“Your daddy warbucks, watching your plight”
“Web cam podcasting, both day and night”
“Gonna get tired”
“’til money wired”
“Hung out for fucking, spread eagle tight”

A rod producing, whippy and slim
My bottom missing, whipping begin
My screaming distress
Who could have guessed
Passion soon spurting, Mastered by Him

Two hours passing, email alert
Swiss bank confirming, pecker still pert
Sundown releasing
Subbie lust pleasing
Taking my hikers, leaving my shirt

Cross country running, quickly he’s gone
Half naked barefoot, off trail so wrong
Each tree I’m seeing
From Him I’m fleeing
To ranger tower, ringing the gong

Big strong protector, the cops to call
Ranger descending, uniformed tall
His jacket offered
My sex recovered
Climbing the tower, sudden recall

His scent familiar, his voice the same
Game camera watching, internet fame
Bone Ranger rumors
“Wanna be roomers?”
“Best sex I ever, your bondage game”

Bone Ranger III - Game Cam