The Bone Ranger
by Peter Loaf

Spring mountain meadow, frogs in the pond
Miles from the highway, back of beyond
High in a tower
Binocular power
A ranger watching, pretty young blonde

Cold picnic basket, bottles of wine
A blanket spreading, sunshine sublime
Couple unknowing
His Johnson blowing
Privacy promised, down ladder climbed

Three miles on horseback, on winding track
Lumberjack costume, head in a sack
Forest primeval
Pussy retrieval
The ranger ranging, springing his trap

Catching them fucking, beast with two back
His windpipe cinching, all going black
Waking up naked
Cold and forsake-ed
Hogtied and helpless, head in the sack

Her naked lover, hears her screaming
Fighting his bondage, nightmare dreaming
Her gag garbled cries
The rangerís tight ties
Cock in her pussy, deeply reaming

Tied over sapling, butt in the air
Screaming in passion, under his care
Phallus hard thrusting
Helpless sheís lusting
Lone ranger riding, his talent rare

After itís over, limp on the ground
The helpless couple, rolling around
Her pussy dripping
His anus gripping
The zip ties holding, so tightly bound

Temperature falling, huddle for heat
The bushes rustle, hammer hearts beat
A deep throaty growl
A bear on the prowl
Pussy lips licking, long limber treat

The Bone Ranger