Board Meeting
by Peter Loaf

The board is meeting, Castle in Spain
Girl Friday going, his nuts to drain
The Chairman’s pussy
A fruit so juicy
Travel companion, gold digger gain

Freshly new hired, in from the coast
Fresh faced and perky, making the most
New boss so polished
Caution abolished
His room invited, a gracious host

Napoleon brandy, the bed turned down
His eye aglitter, a coaxing sound
My drink tastes funny
“Just call me Sonny”
The curtain falling, head spinning round

Waking up slowly, darkness and heat
Arms in tight canvas, helpless complete
A ring in my teeth
A puddle beneath
Sounds of a highway, the dirty cheat

Deep in a dungeon, luggage unpacked
Six hooded strangers, their heads ensacked
Gag garbled pleading
Captors unheading
Hung up for fucking, and gang attacked

Stretching my pussy, driving withins
Hot hard and thrusting, the meeting begins
My wordless screaming
My endless reaming
Hung up for fucking, the subbie wins

Passion’s sweet promise, gripping hot meat
Buzzer touch clitty, smelling so sweet
Wed spread and dripping
My asshole gripping
The strangest places, the board to meet

Board Meeting