Blank Canvas
by Peter Loaf

The trouble maker, the smart-ass bitch
Strapped to my table, can hardly twitch
Her hands bound behind
Intentions unkind
Thing about Power, my itch to switch

Her dress I’m lifting, her panties rip
Her bottom petting, touching her lip
Her pussy dripping
My finger slipping
Her body bucking, my Power Trip

Squeeze bulb inflated, humming distress
My victim helpless, tender caress
My Power complete
I savor my treat
Power of Power, you cannot guess

My boner rises, testicles clench
My life’s desire, strapped to my bench
Fully deserving
So tight and curving
My Power surging, my helpless wench

Her crimes are many, it’s well deserved
Everything we’ve tried, she’s never swerved
Bitch to her bottom
And now I’ve got‘em
Blank canvas waiting, Headmaster perved

The birches soaking, limber and cold
My boner throbbing, story so old
Her bottom glowing
Her pussy showing
Finger slick tickle, her lips enfold

I want to do it, and yet I stop
Her bottom perfect, my need to top
Headmaster whipping
My prick is dripping
I’d better hurry, I’m gonna pop

Her bottom glowing, open hand smack
The background pinking, well planed attack
Mutter bitch wiggle
Bottom cheeks jiggle
Pussy unfolding, her sugar shack

Mumble hum curses, paying her fare
Slick finger tickle, under my care
Draining her water
His lordship’s daughter
Pussy lips pinking, passion to share

Her daddy’s orders, written and sealed
His daughter punished, her crimes revealed
Lesbian loving
A dildo shoving
“Thrash her proud bottom, headmaster’s field”

Her Father’s orders, the man verbose
“If sex she’s wanting, give her a dose”
“Reform my flower”
“Break her willpower”
I stand astraddle, holding it close

My missile dripping, wedging its way
Her curses muffled, the devil to pay
Thumb in her anus
Who can explain us
Pussy gulp sucking, her passions play

Clenching my anus, making it last
Slippery gripping, stepping my mast
Pink bottom pretty
Perve without pity
Gasping I stiffen, coming too fast

Time to get cracking, pick up the whip
Bundle of birches, fresh from their dip
Sprinkle the water
Like a good potter
Bottom presented, pussy lips drip

The birches whistle, her grunt of pain
Gag blocked invective, tries to complain
The white welts turning
The crimson burning
His lordship’s flower, tries to explain

Thrashing her bottom, making her scream
My dick recovers, dripping new cream
Finger in bottom
Greasing for Sodom
Her pretty pucker, her ass I ream

Fucking her slowly, spanking her ass
Her screaming alters, stripped of its sass
Crisscrossing welting
Icy heart melting?
Schoolgirl reforming? She’s upper class

My painting finished, two burning cheeks
His Lordship’s flower, good for two weeks
The hellion hiding
Daddy deciding
Ship her to convent? Her future reeks

Blank Canvas