Black Stables
by Peter Loaf

Black Stables A

New student coming, Black Stables School
Dressage the lessons, pretty young fool
I think Iím riding
Their secret hiding
The stable waiting, the rope their tool

Black Stables B

The stables empty, no horses here
The stock two legged, my rising fear
Hoof boots and blinders
Butt plugs behinders
Pony girl stables, ďWelcome my dearĒ

Black Stables C

Quickly subduing, given no chance
The ropeís tight binding, losing my pants
The teacher teaching
I try beseeching
Hand-tied and helpless, doing a dance

Black Stables D

The stable owner, horse cock in hand
My hair heís gripping, brutal demand
My panties stripping
My pussy dripping
Bottom cheeks spreading, cherryís last stand

Black Stables E

High hard and thrusting, tears running free
My hipbones creaking, big as a tree
His member staining
His ball sack draining
The rider ridden, my sobbing plea

Black Stables F

Harnessed in leather, ball on a strap
So tightly buckled, in mouth entrap
My tail presented
Nothing prevented
Dressage Iím learning, packing my crap

Black Stables G

Naked and helpless, greased in the rear
My asshole stretching, the plastic spear
His penis probing
My senses strobbing
The cooze strap buckled, keeping it here

Black Stables H

Arm binder hoisting, high up behind
Tonsil fuck forcing, teachers unkind
His jizzum spurting
Gasping and hurting
Pony girl training, half out of mind

Black Stables I

Licky clit serving, down on my knees
Harnessed in leather, Iím bound to please
Pussy lips dripping
Pussy lips nipping
Sexual service, stinking of cheese

Black Stables J

Waiting in darkness, hobble chain short
Someone is coming, footsteps report
The broodmare waiting
Ready for dating
Master Black speaking, stable boy Mort

Black Stables K

Two on one torment, helpless and hot
Pussy proud pony, swallow his shot
Their jizzum dripping
Hair in his gripping
My titties coated, his pecker snot

Black Stables L

Cold water shower, shiver and shake
My captors cruel, for goodness sake
My hoof boots hurting
My pussy squirting
Cropping my bottom, taking the cake

Black Stables M

Strap on my boobies, swelling and pink
Every vein throbbing, my tears I blink
Pleading I holler
A stiff necked collar
Cropping my nipples, missing my link

Black Stables N

Dressage Iím learning, the black snakeís snap
Each step Iím taking, tight in my crack
Hard clitty rubbing
Rough leather scrubbing
High stepping pony, tough keeping track

Black Stables O

Pussy lips swollen, cork in my bum
Arms in a binder, whatís to become
My bottom welted
Resistance melted
Horny young pony, needing to cum

Black Stables P

Her strap-on plastic, crimson and hard
His penis perfect, coated with lard
My body pleading
Needing my breeding
Pony girl plaything, my bridges chared

Black Stables Q

Fore and aft thrusting, itís just my luck
Gag gargle gasping, his phallus sucked
High in my colon
My bells are tolliní
Pony girl broken, pussy unfucked