Black Beauty
by Peter Loaf

Pony girl party, South of West Branch
Pony club meeting, up at the ranch
Pony girl races
Put through their paces
Then in the evening, the moonlit dance

Dressing her careful, gentle and slow
Hoof boots and leggings, for the big show
A sheath for her arms
Displaying her charms
Hooded and haltered, black beauty’s glow

Arms high behind her, bundle of straps
The hoof boots clatter, the U shaped taps
The girl so willing
The gag so filling
Naked and sexy, dressed up for laps

Horse tail finale, glycerin jar
Her anus stretching, a bit too far
Puka pump plumping
Pony girl stumping
Tickle clit wiggle, playing for par

To sulky hitching, harness equipped
Her Master sitting, snapping His whip
Clippy clop sounding
Her heart is pounding
“Giddy-up Beauty”, reins in his grip

Out on the paddock, round of applause
Strutting and swishing, giving them cause
Her nipples thrusting
Her subbie trusting
Pussy lips swollen, giving them pause

A circle leading, the betting loud
Nipple bells tinkle, the ponies proud
The Masters gather
Dripping their lather
Ponies high stepping, pleasing the crowd

Pussy bells swinging, from clitty rings
The ponies prancing, the sport of kings
Cattle bells clanking
Whip cracker’s spanking
One thousand meters, orgasm brings

Starting gun sounding, the race begun
Black Beauty lunging, starting to run
The sulky behind
Her Master unkind
Buggy-whip snapping, under the gun

Bottom cheek biting, pony to goad
A pain comes flashing, starburst explode
Stagger and stumble
Sulky wheels rumble
Digging for traction, pulling her load

The leading sulky, way out in front
Black Beauty gaining, deep in her hunt
Pussy ring jerking
Nipple tips perking
Her juices flowing, her swollen cunt

The rabbit gasping, Black Beauty gains
Driving for finish, little remains
Orgasms crashing
Finish line dashing
The finish photo, Black Beauty strains

The ponies slowing, stagger and stop
Her Master crowing, whistling crop
Orgasms shaking
His pleasure taking
Pony girl serviced, her bottom topped

The barn dance revels, the pony rides
The orgy roaring, bonfire of prides
Donkey dicks filling
Given top billing
Her Master’s pony, so tightly tied

Bent and presenting, the hitching rail
His phallus filling, gripping her tail
Plunging and humping
His pony stumping
Subbie submitting, fully female

Black Beauty