Bitch Breaking
by Peter Loaf

“Master my Master, must you detain?”

“You need some breaking, Mistress Marlain”
“Nordic bitch princess, trainer of fame”

Stripped to my stockings, gloves and high heels
Bound wrists and elbows, my muffled squeals
Secrets discovered, her finger feels

My pussy swollen, dripping with musth
Her finger sniffing, too tightly trussed
Nipple lick suckle, three finger thrust
Tongue biting quiet, tasting of rust

Sobbing and crying, dripping with snot
Arms bound behind me, the cinching knot
Dancing demented, the music hot
Three fingers pressing, swollen G spot
Thumbing my clitty, too hot to trot

The whip is snapping, making a breeze
Her hand caressing, given a squeeze
“Your progress steady. Down on your knees”
Pussy lips licking, needing to please
Pheromones filling, needing to sneeze
Goddess demanding, smelling her cheese

Appetites sated, training begun
Harnessed to buggy, pony girl fun
Holding so helpless, my forearms one
Trainers and ponies, the starting gun
Steeplechase racing, coming undone
Huffing and puffing, helpless I run
Her whip comes snapping, the race is won

Dropping the gauntlet, there at my feet
Helpless in bondage, defeat complete
My Mistress Marlain, smelling so sweet
My Master visits, a weekend treat
Bitch broken pony, so trim and neat
Double teamed subbie, complete defeat
Lucky sub licking, His wilting meat
Mistress rewarded, He dare not cheat