The Bishop’s Bite
by Peter Loaf

Silk robes and miter, his badge of rank.
The Bishop attends, his God to thank

Beauty on trial, the final mile
Hard bound and naked, the Bishop’s smile

Taken at sabot, dancing and nude
The moon up above, the dancing lewd

Bishop Breakwater, his aching cock
The sentence pronounced, oh what a crock

Beauty in bondage, her hex to vex
Bell Book and Candle, some super sex

Head down she stumbles, the leash tightens
Cutting up middle, her fear heightens

Follow the wagon, helpless to fight
Taken to castle, dawn’s early light

Nipple jerk bindings, pussy lips split
Passion pit dripping, rubbing her clit

Bell Book and Candle, might making right
Bishop Breakwater, she cannot fight

Bishop’s bedchamber, still in her fix
Questions unanswered, getting his kicks

Hardbound and helpless, his will alone
Door locked and guarded, his bone has grown

Straps on her ankles, spreading her wide
Pussy lips dripping. Soon he’s inside

Thrusting and busting, in rushing fools
Humping and happy, Breakwater rules

Magic comes crashing, high in his tower
Toothy cunt biting, the witching hour

Witch hunting hazards, the tables turn
Bishop bit shorter, lesson to learn.