Bippy Stick Rehab
by Peter Loaf

Sneaking home early, dawn’s early light
Stepfather waiting, I am a sight
Bippy stick limber
Punishment timber
The wayward daughter, both high and tight

Ankle wrist trapping, butt in the air
Bottom presented, his basement lair
Clothing discarded
Pussy lips parted
Contraband smuggled, stashing in there

White powder package, prized from my ass
Stepdaughter’s habits, it comes to pass
The condom spilling
My protests stilling
Stepfather standing, the helpless lass

Bippy stick whistle, I feel the breeze
Clitty touch tickle, weak in the knees
Nipple tips harden
No chance for pardon
Stepfather’s power, do as he please

My mother’s passing, orphaned alone
Stepfather raising, his heart of stone
The rebel within
Where to begin
Body responding, nipples in cone

Bent and presented, high as a kite
His nose is twitching, my future bright
Pheromones spreading
Ready for bedding
Bippy stick lessons, target in sight

Desperate measures, desperate time
The pain comes cutting, my pussy slime
Subbie space loving
Pony prick shoving
Pain/pleasures mixing, reason no rhyme

Dipping and gripping, pleasure in waves
Bippy stick stripping, treatment I craves
Thunder-fuck sliding
Taking a hiding
Bippy stick rehab, my soul he saves

Daddy’s stepdaughter, a natural pair
His cock within me, answer my prayer
Pain/pleasure fever
Over achiever
The time is passing, pull up a chair

Pussy lips dripping, hands on my hips
Nose in my business, pinching my nips
A trumpet buzzing
My vision fuzzing
Mounting his pony, coming to grips

His organ stretching, bouncing on lap
The timbers holding, his wooden trap
My bottom stinging
My passion bringing
My buttocks welted, his hands to slap

Mastered submissive, gag garbled scream
His pony probing, splitting my seam
Gripping and tripping
Ripping and stripping
Lighting and thunder, subbie’s wet dream

The stocks releasing, taken to room
A bath I’m given, pussy in bloom
His touches tender
Sleepy-time render
Rehab completed, my seeded womb

Bippy Stick Rehab 1


Bippy Stick Rehab 2