Bippy and Sparky
by Peter Loaf

The dungeon echoes, my screams of pain
Chained up I dangle, tough to explain
Tippy-toes dancing
Bippy romancing
Butt hooked and hoisted, screaming in vain

Merciless bastards, each with his way
Moll Flinders’ Castle, Visitor’s Day
Hung up for hurting
Pussy juice squirting
Prospective member, subbie display

The whippy bippy, from tips to toes
For subbie drubbing, favorite pose
The ball in my colon
To tip-toes pullin’
My pussy swollen, my open rose

Old Sparky watching, blinding bright flash
Welted and hurting, systems to crash
Subbie space floating
Inner thigh coating
My needs fulfilling, bippy stick slash

Pain becomes passion, out of this world
Lifted foot welting, my toes are curled
Pussy juice spurting
The butt hook hurting
Orgasm noisy, my flag unfurled

Old Sparky coming, needing to fly
Old Sparky sparking, afraid I’ll die
A touch to my thigh
First low and then high
Dripping lips fingered, pussy to pry

Old Sparky nestled, against my sex
My breath I’m holding, electric hex
My panic doubles
My pussy bubbles
Secretions smelly, my frothy flecks

The Cameras circle, our wealth enhance
Net viewers watching, my passion dance
A pay per view slut
A hook up her butt
Moll Flanders Follies, big cash advance
Bippy and