Bent And Presented
by Peter Loaf

Ankles suspended, also my wrist
Locked up in lumber, tight as a fist
Pussy lips leaking, held in a twist
Bare bottom offered, Iím subbie blissed

A time of pleasure, nibble lick suck
Thunder-fuck serving, with any luck
My Masterís subbie, canít kick or buck
The dark dementia, dead as a duck

His bippy swishing, risking peaking
Subbie state rising, pleasure seeking
Pussy lips swollen, wet hot níleaking
The bippy biting, juices reeking

My mouth is open, my nipples thrust
His organ enters, tasting of rust
Nipple pinch painful, Master I trust
Hobbled and hanging, like we discussed

Gargle choke gasping, hitting my clit
The bippy stinging, down where I sit
Orgasm building, sexy half-wit
My bottom burning, I cannot quit

Master and subbie, two of a kind
Two sides of the coin, the rarest find
He makes me happy, melding of mind
Our sessions epic, our lust entwined

His Lordship wanders, my other end
Bare assed and gasping, fencing I mend
Greasy thumb spreading, subbie space send
His organ enters, cannot defend

My tiger taming, my lust released
I am the Goddess, He is the Priest
Hanging and hurting, dish at the feast
Thunder-fuck thrusting, my inner beast

The Goddess serving, parish pastor
Orgasms coming, me and Master
Hobbled and knobbled, fucking faster
Crashing wave pleasures, no disaster

Bent And Presented